Pierrot Gourmand

PIERROT GOURMAND is the household name in French confectionery which has brought delight to children and adults alike for more than 120 years. In 1924, Georges Evrard invented the first lollipop: a simple hard candy made of flavoured and coloured sugar, shaped like an arrowhead and mounted on a wooden stick – which allowed people to enjoy their candy without getting their fingers dirty.
Nowadays, PIERROT GOURMAND masters the production of confectionery with quality ingredients, natural colours and flavours, and with infinite shapes and recipes, satisfying even the most specific requirements.

PIERROT GOURMAND has been using the same traditional recipe for their Caramel lollipops since the first lollipop was created in 1924. The range has extended with the addition of new fruit flavours and combinations, for those with even the sweetest tooth!