barnds chef dessert & solo italia

Andros has two frozen dessert factories: one in France, Prolainat, specialized in French desserts (chocolate cakes, crème brulees,…) and one in Italy, Solo Italia, specialized in Italian desserts (tiramisu, profiteroles,…).

Both Solo Italia and Prolainat are modern and flexible with the ability to develop products which meet the needs of an increasingly varied and complex market. We have learnt that goodness comes from a blend of factors: continuous modernization to introduce new technologies, painstaking attention to the strictest health and safety parameters and the guarantees provided by a complete production cycle, from the sponges and Choux pastry puffs used through to packaging. We combine all these with the meticulous search for quality in our raw materials, in keeping with traditional recipes.

This is why when you dip your spoon into a CHEF DESSERT or a SOLO ITALIA dessert, what delights your nostrils and taste-buds is much more than just a good dessert.

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Selection of our traditional Italian recipes, suitable for both retail sale or food service.

Made in Italy

italian dessert capuccino


Coffee mousse on a bed of soft sponge cake decorated with chocolate flakes.

italian dessert chocolat truffle

Chocolate Truffle

Typical desert with a soft cocoa mousse enrobing a creamy and melting chocolate heart.

italian dessert profiteroles


Traditional Italian recipe with soft choux pastry buns filled with velvety vanilla flavoured custard topped with delicious chocolate sauce.

italian dessert tiramisu


Traditional recipe with ladyfinger biscuits soaked in coffee, between two layers of mascarpone cream.

Wide selection of greedy desserts, from the most traditional recipes to the fruity ones in a mini elegant cup.

Made in Italy

Solo Italian Shots - cheesecake


Cherry & Black Cherry,
Peach & Mango,
Pineapple & Passion,
Fruit Cheese Cake

Solo Italian Shots - chocolate


Choco brownies,
Choco Mousse Ecuador,
Triple Chocolate

Solo Italian Shots - coffee



Solo Italian Shots - creme & panna cotta

Creme & panna cotta

Crème Brulee,
Crème Caramel,
Caramel Panna Cotta,
Panna Cotta

Solo Italian Shots - yaourt fruit parfait

Yaourt & fruit parfait

Cherry & Black Cherry,
Peach & Mango,
Pineapple & Passion,
Fruit Yogurt Parfait

Our plants are equipped with ovens, thanks to which we are capable of producing biscuits and baked desserts before freezing. Chocolate fondant is the most emblematic product of this technology available in different flavours.

Made in France

Chef Dessert - chocolat


lava cake - half cooked chocolate

Half Cooked Chocolate

Chef Dessert - chocolat & caramel

Chocolate & Caramel

lava cake - half cooked salted caramel

Half Cooked Chocolate & Salted Caramel

Chef Dessert - chocolat & cherry

Chocolate & Cherry

lava cakes - mini chocolate

Mini Chocolate

Chef Dessert - chocolat & lemon

Chocolate & Lemon

lava cake - coloured range

Coloured Range (Caramel, Cherry, Liquorice, Pistachio, Orange…)

CHEF DESSERT offers a range of traditional recipes with a real know-how to keep all the smoothness and delighted taste of the typical French desserts.

Made in France

french dessert - creme brulee

“Crème brûlée”


Pre-cut Cheesecake

french dessert - croustillant choconoisette

Chocolate & Hazelnut

french dessert - macaron framboise

Raspberry Macaron

Exotic Panna Cotta

Exotic Panna Cotta

Strawberry stripes

Strawberry Stripe

french dessert - opera


White Chocolate Merveilleux

White Chocolate Merveilleux

french dessert - party time - tendres peches

Party Time – Mix Desserts