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From its expertise of quality jam manufacturer, ANDROS developed a range of fruit preparations and gourmet sauces dedicated to professional baristas and bartenders.

Our products are only made from natural fruits and ingredients, not from concentrated juices.

Conveniently packed in bottles with pourer or pump, it has never been that easy to make delicious and eye-catching drinks !

ANDROS Ripple base is a range of fruit preparations specially developed for beverage applications with pieces of natural fruits. An ANDROS specialty from its quality jam expertise which allow us to keep nice real fruit chunks inside.

These products are  puree-thick, fruit-rich base with visible fruit pieces that can be seen, tasted and increased value. Made from natural fruits , flavoured enough to suit iced and dairy-fat beverages.

ripple base aloe lychee

Aloe Lychee

ripple base wild blueberry

Wild Blueberry

ripple base cherry


ripple base yellow peach

Yellow Peach

ripple base mango


ripple base mixed berries

Mixed Berries

ripple base strawberry


ANDROS Puree base is a range of fruit-rich preparations which give a typical puree texture to all drinks. ANDROS processes only fruits to manufacture these products.

These sieved purees with no residual fruit bits are also flavoured enough to suit iced and dairy-fat beverages.

Made from natural fruits, not from concentrated juices.

puree base banana


puree base strawberry


puree base coconut


puree base mango


puree base passion fruit

Passion Fruit

puree base raspberry


ANDROS Goumet sauce is a range of premium topping or flavouring sauces, packed in a bottle with a pump allowing a smooth and free-flowing texture. Good for swirls.

gourmet sauce caramel


gourmet sauce caramelized apple

Caramelized Apple

gourmet sauce dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

gourmet sauce white chocolate

White Chocolate