Introduction to ANDROS

Andros is a family-owned company based in the southwest of France and specialized in fruit and dairy products as well as manufacturing frozen desserts and confectioneries. Everything started in 1910 with a small business of nuts and fruits in the middle of a fruit region in the Dordogne Valley in France. Today, our products are sold in more than 100 countries within retail, food service and industrial sector under our own brands (BONNE MAMAN, ANDROS, PIERROT GOURMAND, MAMIE NOVA, MATERNE, SOLO ITALIA...) or private label.

fruits based

Fruit Based Products

Andros is a global leading company in fruit processing which is its core business. Well-known for its compotes, preserves and other fruit preparations, Andros is the manufacturer of the number 1 worldwide premium preserve brand: BONNE MAMAN.


Dairy Products

The second main activity of Andros is dairy products. Andros’ expertise on yoghurts and dairy desserts lies in the strong know-how from our brand MAMIE NOVA and producing many private label products.


Confectionary Products

Since 1892, PIERROT GOURMAND has made quality confectionery which ravished kids and adults generation after generation. All made in France, our confectionary products include gummies (with infinite possibilities of shape and flavours), liquorices, lollipops, chewing gums, mints…

frozen desserts

Frozen Desserts

Andros has a wide range of frozen desserts from ice cream to cakes and pastries with an expertise in French desserts (chocolate lava cakes, crème brulees,…) and Italian desserts (tiramisu, profiteroles,…). Our diverse choice of formats and recipes of gourmet desserts is able to satisfy any specific demand.


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Bring Andros products from all over the world in Asia.

Andros has developed a strong distribution network in Asia to import our products from all over the world. We are now able to offer tailor-made solutions to all our customers with a full range of high quality products within our four know-how.

Our main strength is to answer quickly to the specific demands with many possibilities of recipe, packaging, origin, price and flexible MOQ. We also work closely with all our customers to develop new applications to offer new recipes to all our consumers.

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One head office in Vietnam

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Rep. Office in Japan

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One factory in China

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3 Offices and distribution centers in China

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Distribution in 17 countries in Asia

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30 Distributors in Asia


Discover our brands distributed in Asia.

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                  CHEF RECIPES

                  Discover Andros recipes developed by our partners chefs and beverage specialists.